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Monday, February 20, 2012

QOTD - What Is the best comment you've ever gotten about your hair?

Hey ladies!

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So...I got home late the other weekend. I was tired and had been rehearsing my play all week, I still hadn't learned my lines, I was hungry, blah blah blah,... and finally, I walked into my house and my dad's best friend was there.

I was currently rocking a braid out and the guy does a double take when he sees my hair and says "Look at all that hair! I love it!"


Best thing I'd heard all day! So please, let us know what is the BEST thing someone has ever said about your hair?!?!

Please share in the comment box below!


Precious Henshaw said...

Best comments I ever get about my hair are from my bf :) His first comment was something like, "Your hair is so soft, like a cloud, I could just sleep in it!" He also says things like, "I like your hair like that, please don't change it!" I have to convince him that on wash day the style has to go, lol!

Melly, Yaya's Mom! said...

Hi! I love getting comments about my hair, makes me feel so good. I posted a pic a couple weeks back on my fb and all my friends commented saying that my hair has gotten longer and my curls are so pretty! Makes me love'em even more! :D

JenJen said...

My hubby just recently came up to me and said "I love your curls, please never relax your hair ever". Gotta love the hubby.

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