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Hair Routine

Bunny's hair routine is more of a sort of routine, because we're pretty flexible and don't actually have "set days" for anything/everything.

curly girl hair

Wet hair after washing, conditioning, and detangling
(She sometimes wears her hair like this to school and gym practice if I run out of time)

The sort of routine starts with washing her hair in four braids (I haven't washed her hair loose in several months now because detangling is a nightmare) with Royal Curl Stay Clean Shampoo.

Once that's done, I take one braid out at a time, add Royal Curl Moisturize Rich Conditioner to the section I'm working on and detangle with our modified Denman Brush.

big hair

big hair

All washed, conditioned, detangled, and stretched

After that, I leave it to stretch in several braids, roughly sixteen to twenty. Once her hair is dried it's on to styling.

Here are some of her favorite hair styles:
how to style curly hair

maintaining a twist out

black long hair styles

african american wedding hairstyles

cornrow hairstyles


As you can see, I spend more time styling her hair than slathering in products. Less is more with her hair. Thanks for reading!


jasmine said...

she is gorgeous! i hope my girls have beautiful hair like that one day

Dominique-Alexis said...

@Jasmine - I'm sure your girls have beautiful hair and it can only get better with a little tender love and care!

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