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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hairstyles for School

More quick and easy hairstyles for school!

I was inspired to do this twist hairstyle after Jessica B. contacted me and told me that she was searching for quick cute school hairstyles for her young daughter.

I usually spend two hours cornrowing Bunny’s hair a week, however, this hairstyle only took an hour plus one break in the middle.

I doubt it will last as long as any of my cornrow hair designs do, but it’s quick and super cute!

Which makes it a great hairstyle for those school days!

My little sister’s cute twist hairstyle!

For braiding the hair you’ll need:

As always, I started with clean, detangled, stretched hair.

A picture from the top

When I say this hair style was super simple, I mean just that.

Using a rat tail comb, I parted out a box in the front and tied the rest of her hair out of the way. Using the box I’d just parted out, I began cornrowing her hair to the side.

A back view

Once I ran out of room for the cornrows to stick to her head, I tied it off with a rubber band and two strand twisted her hair to the end. I did this until I was all out of hair to cornrow and I did twists everywhere else.

TIP! You can do box braids or rope twists where I did regular two strand twists if you’d like. It’s completely up you. Just remember that box braids take longer to take out and rope twists tend to lock up if you forget to moisturize them or leave them in too long.

Lastly, a close up of her cornrows!

Each day we’ll change it up a bit with different hair ribbons, hair flowers, or hair bows.

This is an easy hairstyle that’ll last a week.

And don’t be afraid to do “simple styles”. They can be just as cute!

Thanks for reading!

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Precious Henshaw said...

Such a cute style. I'll have to try this on my younger sister sometime!

JenJen said...

Really cute style! Bunny looks so happy to wear this style.

Anonymous said...

How old is your sister not to be creepy just wonderng if hair grows with age

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