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Hair Products

Here's a page on the hair products that I use on either Bunny or my hair and why I use them. Hopefully this will answer any questions y'all have!

Shampoo's I like:

queen helene royal curl

I use Queen Helene Stay Clean shampoo on both of our hair. I really like it and highly recommend it. It's different than other shampoos I've tried because it gently cleanses hair, stretches it, AND detangles it. I wrote a review on this product right here.

Conditioner's I like:

queen helene royal curl

Another product by Royal Curl. This conditioner can be used like a leave-in or a wash out conditioner, depending on how tight your curl pattern is. Both Bunny and I have a tight curl pattern so I use it as a leave in. Review on this product right here.

leave-in conditioner

This is probably the best smelling leave-in conditioner I've ever used and I love it. While the Royal Curl conditioner I typically use on Bunny, my hair prefers this Beautiful Curls leave in conditioner over any other one that I've tried.

Moisturizer's I like:

beautiful curls wax

I use Beautiful Curls Styling wax to smooth down edges and freshen up hair do's on a daily basis. It's a Shea butter based product, so it's great to use when you don't want to actually wet or even dampen you hair. Full review on this product right here. I use this on both my little sister and I.

beautiful curls

I use this product for braid outs and twist outs. It's super thick and creamy and smells great!

Deep Conditioner's I like:

beautiful curls

Okay, I'll be honest. I really don't deep condition Bunny or me that much (gasp!). As a matter of fact, I do it so little that I won't even tell you how often. But when I actually do, I use the deep conditioner from Beautiful Curls and it does an awesome job!

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