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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Curly Hair Solutions Giveaway!

I am super excited to be hosting this Curly Hair Solutions giveaway!

Finally, FINALLY we’ve reached the very last giveaway for Natural-Hair-Care-Info’s birthday bash!

Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOO much to everyone who’s participated! You guys rock and make the website possible!

I love these products and I’ve heard so many great things about these products and I can’t wait to find out which one of you lovely people will be receiving all of these amazing products!

Before getting on the prizes, I wanna take a second to thank Frizzoff.com for giving me this opportunity! Thank you guys so much!

Like this giveaway here

And here’s a list of all the winners prizes:

Curl Keeper 3.38oz/100ml
Slip Detangler 3.38oz/100ml
ReMane Straight 2oz/59ml
Gel 2oz/59ml
Silk Shampoo 2oz/59ml
Treatment Shampoo 2oz/59ml
Conditioner 2oz/59ml
Silk Leave In Conditioner 2oz/59ml
Pure Silk Protein 2oz/59ml
EXTENZZ 2oz/59ml
Tweek 1oz/30ml

Good luck to everyone!

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кcℓ (n_n) said...

I would have to say this is my favorite being that I've been wanting to use Curly Hair Solutions for some time now. And now is the chance I can enter their giveaway! I REALLY do hope I will!

Katherine Phillips said...

This is my favorite giveaway!!!

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