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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Twist out

This is the last time you see this twist hairstyle, I promise! Luckily, we're not doing anything tomorrow other than school so I WILL find time to take her hair out, give her a really good deep conditioner, and stretch her hair.

Just wanna let everyone know that we are preparing for something really big. I've been planning this for a couple months actually and it's so grand that several other blogs are doing it too!

Here's a quick video on how I put a little life into that style one last time! Even though her hair doesn’t look nearly as nice as I would like it to, she still got lots of compliments on her hair and she’s happy so I’m not too worried about that.

And for those of you who are wondering, here's what I'll do in more detail:

I'll begin by carefully removing all the rubber bands and beads from her hair. It's easiest to cut the rubber bands so that's what I do.

After that I'll do ahead and put her hair into six braids, three on each. Her hair is quite matted so trying to detangle it would be impossible until it's wet.

She'll hope in the shower and wash her hair with Naked Moisture Whip Shampoo, focusing on her scalp. Once she gets out of the shower, I use VO5 conditioner to detangle her hair. Take one braid out at a time, covering it with conditioner, then using a wide tooth comb and my fingers to get any tangles out

Once I’m finished with that, I’ll rinse most of the conditioner out, add a moisturizer, and either band, braid, or twist her hair to stretch it out.

And I’ll finish by styling.

That’s it!


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Meagan Jennings said...

very easy and convenient....

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