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Sunday, September 25, 2011


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This pic was taken a LONG time ago when I still wore braces and Bunny actually had short hair, but that’s my younger sister and I

Welcome everyone!

I’m Dominique-Alexis and I’ve been braiding for about three years now, which I know isn’t actually that long. I’ve learned SOOO much about natural hair through trial and error with both my younger sister and my hair.

My younger sister’s nickname is Bunny and she’s nine years old. I’ve been braiding her hair for a while now. I started doing it to help my mom out, then I discovered that I absolutely loved it! Over the years, I’ve been growing it out and I don’t know how to explain it but I don’t like anyone to style her hair but me. They can touch, yes, but I really don’t like other people styling her hair. Which is okay, because no one else in the family actually likes braiding.

Anyway, I’m all over the place. This blog is an extension of my website: Natural-hair-care-info.com. I started my website when I was fifteen and I love doing that, but because it’s a site and not a blog, there are a lot of “rules” that Google made me follow. (Pages had to be four hundred words, you had to link back to five pages at least, you had to use the main keyword a certain number of times.) And I really wanted a place where I could be myself.

My website is pretty much straight up information, hair styles, and tips while this blog will be one-on-one, how we wore our hair day-to-day, and get into the personal aspect of having natural hair. I am not too sure how well I can juggle school (thee most important thing), a website, a blog, my other sports/hobbies, and getting the most out of the rest of my teen years, but I love challenges and I know I have lots of support from my family and friends.

Please comment and follow!

Thanks everyone!



Kandy said...

Welcome to BlogLand!! -bows- LOL

Yayyyyy Im your first follower, I feel so special!!! hahaha cant wait to see you express yourself up here, there are no restrictions!!

Claudette said...

May God bless you with your blog as He has so wonderfully done with your website! Great job!

I love how you showed me what you were still thinking about last night and today it is already done! Still the "Dom-inator!" :-)

Love ya, Mom

Dominique-Alexis said...

Thank you both so much!

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