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Monday, September 26, 2011

Maintaining a twist out

maintaining a twist out

Maintaining a twist out is actually quite simple. If you recall from the post the day before, Bunny is currently wearing her hair in side cornrows and a twist out on the side.

maintaining a twist out
The back - much less definition than I would have liked due to fact she accidently slept with loose hair

I've recently started using the Beautiful Curls line (their shampoo, deep conditioner, hair gel, leave-in conditioner, curl activating, oil, and curl refresher) because I'm doing product reviews for the company. I used the curl refresher, which claims to do exactly that.

beautiful curls

The product I used
Full review coming soon!

I pull all her hair up into a high bun for bed time (this way her curls aren't crushed) and she'll sleep on her satin pillow case. However, on this particular night, her hair ended up coming un-bunned, which resulted in a curly rats nest when she woke up. Yikes!

There is no way that I could get her hair to last until the weekend so I'll be braiding it either tomorrow or the day after. I will definitely be re-twisting the top layer of hair to stretch what little definition she has left.

Bunny still loves it so I'm not too worried about it.

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