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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Natural Hair Straightening

Hey ladies!

If you haven't seen the pictures on the Natural Hair Care website already, breaking news, Bunny got her hair straightened for the very first time!

She hit her goal of having waist length hair and she really wanted to see how it looked straight so I agreed. About two hours later we had these results:

For more on how to straighten natural hair, click here!

Thank you for reading and have a good one!


Precious Henshaw said...

Her hair looks beautiful!! You two are just adorable! :)

JenJen said...

How long do you plan to keep it straight and what are your hair plans for Christmas?

Dominique-Alexis said...

@ Precious - Aw, thank you!

Dominique-Alexis said...

@JenJen - Probably a week to ten days, by then her hair will probably be dirty or it might even have reverted back on its own. We'll have to see but I'll let you know how long it lasts!

As for your second question, I don't know for sure. Probably a bun or a ponytail for both of us (we're doing my nephews birthday then) so I won't have to give our hair another thought.

Happy holidays!

IntermittentBabbling HairThoughts said...

Bunny's hair looks great, Dominique Alexis! You two are so funny in that last picture lol

Dominique-Alexis said...

@IntermittentBabbling HairThoughs - LOL Thank you!

N'na the Goodhealthdiva said...

I am enjoying all the amazing pictures and I am a new member around here excited to start the New year with some nice hair care inspiration!

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