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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Curly long hair styles anyone?

Today is a very big day for my little sister because for the first time ever, she did her own hair! I had to do the twists in the very back, but she definitely did most of the style herself :D

It took her a good three hours to two strand twist the back (I’d done cornrows in the front about two weeks earlier) but she stuck with it the whole time with no complaining!

curly long hair styles

For twisting the hair you’ll need:

  • Denman Brush
  • Wide tooth comb
  • Hair moisturizer
  • Hair clips to section hair

curly long hair styles

It’s super easy to two strand twist hair. All you have to do is twist one strand around the other one. Once you’ve mastered this hairstyle, you can move onto twist outs, rope twists, and three strand twists!

curly long hair styles

The coolest part about rope twists is that the twist outs coming out looking like a braid out on locks! It’s pretty cool.

And the coolest thing about three strand twists is that the twist outs come out with a much wider curl pattern than other twist outs.

Enjoy these pictures of my nine-year-old sister rocking her first hairstyle!

curly long hair styles

curly long hair styles

curly long hair styles

curly long hair styles

Man, as I look at these pictures I realize that her hair has really been growing! LOL no wonder it's been taking longer than usual to style it!

Thanks for readin'!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful hair! She did a great job!

JenJen said...

Lovely, glad to see Bunny learning to do her own hair.

Dominique-Alexis said...

Yep, she's super excited about it :) Thanks for commenting!

KGilbert said...

Her hair looks very pretty. She did a great job.

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